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Motorized Manipulators

Upgrading to motorized versions of our manipulators provides you with automated and precise movement in one, two or three axes.

L/R Feedthrough Motorization

Sample Transporter Motorization


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Welcome to Ferrovac!

We are proud to support scientists throughout the world in their perpetual struggle towards and beyond the borders of todays knowledge.

uhv eXellence-11 since 1996

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MXYZR :: XYZR Boomerax Manipulator Series

November 2017

This configuration example provides every necessary degree of freedom for full control over your samples in a UHV environment and sample temperatures down to 10 Kelvin by combining a "Boomerax" high precision XY stage with our MZ linear Z-axis drive and incorporating a well-established and very stable Janis ST-400 continuous flow cryostat.

MXYZR Boomerax Manipulator Series


ST-400 He-Flow Cryostat :: As one of the the simplest methods of providing cooling in an ultra-high vacuum environment, the ST-400 has several features that are specific for UHV requirements.

MR63DPV552 Rotary Feedthrough :: This differentially pumped rotating platform provides the means of translating rotation through a vessel wall without losing vacuum integrity

MZ Z-Translator :: The optionally motorized linear Z-axis drive comes into play for accurate lifting and lowering. It's highest quality edge welded bellows fulfill the strictest requirements in terms of leak tightness and durability.

Boomerax MXY Module :: For smooth and exceptionally precise adjustment, it offers a resolution of 2 microns when manually driven and even higher resolutions when motorized.


Sizes and Options
     - Mounting Flange Sizes: DN16CF, DN40CF, DN63CF, DN100CF, DN160CF
     - Travelling Flange Sizes: DN16CF, DN40CF, DN63CF, DN100CF, DN160CF
     - Limiteable Travel Distances
     - Motorization Options Available for All Sizes
     - Tilt: 2° in Any Desired Axis

Sample Environment :: The tilteable sample stage is equipped with a RECOMEC13 receiver for sample plates with electrical contacts, giving a further degree of freedom and the possibility of wiring up various measurement devices.
Sample Environment, Tilt


Further example of Boomerax XYZ Stage, with Chamber for Electrical Feedthroughs

Boomerax MXYZR







Manual or Motorized Actuation Alternatives for XY Stage ::

Motorization Option

New Version of DRVRM Manual Linear Drive for Sample Transporters

September 2017

Sleeker and even more refined, yet equally precise and consistent, the new version of our DRVRM manual linear drive for RM and GMD sample transporters is also considerably more affordable than the previous model.

The DRVRM's hand wheel enables especially accurate manipulation, it's high precision spindle drive is coupled to the outer magnet of the sample transporter and controls it's linear motion.
Rotation can easily be locked or undone with a locking screw.


  • linear drive spindle pitch: 3mm (others on request)
  • handwheel, with precision scale option available
  • 1mm scale ruler option available
  • bakeout temperature: 150deg C max.

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