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Base Module Mini NexGeneration UHV Suitcase RM

Product code: VSN40M(CF40)

Wherever space is limited or if you just want the smallest and lightest UHV suitcase available, the VSN40M(CF40) is the ideal solution for transferring multiple samples at once between separate instruments. It is as a truly portable, especially compact, lightweight and slim UHV system. Availability of Combined Non-Evaporable Getter (NEG) and Ion-pump technology in the same pump made it's design feasible.

The samples are held in a storage mechanism such as a stack of receptacles or a carousel. Wherever only a single sample holder needs to be stored and transferred, this is also possible using a pincer grip, fork or similar.

The Suitcase can be individually equipped with a transfer manipulator of your choice. Model and travel range of the transfer arm, as well as the attached sample storing or grabbing mechanism, can be combined in a modular way. The Mini NexGeneration UHV Suitcase with CF40 flange is fully compatible with our wide range of sample transporters.

The high voltage for the ion-pump element is delivered by the rechargeable, battery-driven power supply LSA3.0B. The vacuum level is shown directly on the display optimized for SAES™ NexTorr pumps of the types D100-5, D200-5. The NEG element can be activated with any standard DC lab power supply.

To help us optimize our advisory service and quoting process, please download our questionnaire and send us the completed document together with your inquiry.

Options for the VSN40M are limited to the types of:
- transfer manipulator
- sample storage or pincer grip
- power supply
- port aligner
If more upgrades and options are required, please take a look at our VSN40S versions.

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NexGeneration UHV Suitcase References:

Specifications: Base Module Mini NexGeneration UHV Suitcase RM

adds -145.0mm to retracted length

  • Ultra compact UHV-chamber: 1x DN40CF transfer flange; 1x DN40CF-T for transfer manipulator; 1x DN40CF-WS for pump; 1x welded CF40 viewport
  • Pump: NexTorr D-100-5 combined NEG-ion gettering pump
  • LSA3 battery driven HV-supply & Set of cables
  • VAT mini UHV gate valve, series 010, manual operation
  • gaskets, bolt sets, completely mounted

Bakeout temperature: 150deg C max.
Fully UHV compatible materials
Compatible with all Ferrovac Sample Transporters & Port Aligners CF40.
Weight: approx. 4.6kg (with LSA3: 5.7kg)
Ready for use: delivered under UHV conditions.

Download drawings:
VSN40M_page 1/3: Product overview
VSN40M_page 2/3: Base Modules Mini CF16 & CF40
VSN40M_page 3/3: Configuration example
Download Manual


The following is a list of compatible options for VSN40M(CF40) Base Module Mini NexGeneration UHV Suitcase RM.

List price:

1'450.00 CHF

1'254.22 EUR*
1'563.01 USD*

Hexapod Port Aligner DN40CF for angular and lateral displacement

Product code: PA40HEX

Hexapod Port aligner DN40CF (2.75" OD), L=90 +/-5mm, free inner diameter 38mm (if centered). Hexapod port aligners are especially sturdy and allow for adjustment of lateral as well as angular displacement.
REV 15.01.2014 UM

List price:

3'800.00 CHF

3'286.91 EUR*
4'096.15 USD*

Sample Transporter DN40CF

Product code: RM40

Magnetically driven single shaft sample transporter with mounting flange DN40CF. Re-engineered with superior slide bearing technology for long-lifetime and smooth operation.


List price:

6'250.00 CHF

5'406.11 EUR*
6'737.09 USD*

Dual Shaft Single Rotary Sample Transporter

Product code: RMD40

Precision magnetically driven dual shaft sample transporter with independent rotary motion of the inner shaft. Mounted pincer grips are oriented vertically.

List price:

5'328.00 CHF

4'608.60 EUR*
5'743.24 USD*

Dual Shaft Rotatable Sample Transporter with Slide Bearings DN40CF

Product code: RMJG40

Magnetically driven sample transporter with independent rotary motion of the inner as well as the outer shaft. Slide bearings for linear motion throughout guarantee for long-lifetime and smooth operation even after numerous bakeout cycles.

List price:

7'750.00 CHF

6'703.57 EUR*
8'353.99 USD*

Dual Shaft Rotatable Sample Transporter

Product code: RMDG40

Precision magnetically driven sample transporter with independent rotary motion of the inner as well as the outer shaft. All ball bearings are DicroniteTM (W-disulfide) dry lube coated. On request, the RMDG can be built with SiC ceramic hybrid ball bearings.

Order code standard length:

  • 300mm travel: RMDG40-0300-0050
  • 500mm travel: RMDG40-0500-0050
  • 750mm travel: RMDG40-0750-0050
  • 1000mm travel: RMDG40-1000-0050

Order code customized length:


XXXX: linear travel in millimeters
YYYY: retracted length, flange face to end of shaft in millimeters (min. 45mm) Options and accessories:
Sample Transporter Accessories

REV: 01.06.2011 UM, 29.08.2011 DvG

List price:

on request

Fast Pump Down Dock with LN2 UHV Booster CF40

Product code: VSCT40

Fast pumpdown dock for UHV Suitcase. A turbo pumped, compact docking chamber is equipped with an LN2 cold trap.

A working pressure in the 1E-8mbar range can be reached within less than 1 hour.

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