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Phone: +41 44 273 16 38

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"We ordered a custom-based ambient pressure XPS endstation from Ferrovac to study solid-liquid interfaces. Ferrovac did an excellent job both in terms of engineering and assembly and delivered the product on time. This endstation is very productive from the very first day it was connected to the synchrotron at the Swiss Light Source."

Z. Novotny, Scientist, Paul Scherrer Institute/University of Zuerich, see more: SLAPXPS

"My group purchases a lot of items from Ferrovac, and very much like the excellent quality of your products."

"Thank you again! We are big fans of your products."

Kyle Shen, Cornell University

Swiss UHV eXellence-11 since 1996

We are proud to support scientists throughout the world in their perpetual struggle towards and beyond the borders of todays knowledge.

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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Statement

Ferrovac GmbH is monitoring the current developments carefully. In view of the current situation in Switzerland, Ferrovac is following all mandatory measures of the Swiss Federal Council and the Federal Office of Public Health. Ferrovac is fully operational and thank's to our valued customers, orders situation and lead times are at a normal level.

The Ferrovac-Team wishes good health to  everyone!

Kind Regards, Urs Maier CEO

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Techniker/in Produktion & Entwicklung Ultrahochvakuumtechnik

Mit unserem dynamischen Team entwickeln und realisieren wir Apparaturen für physikalische Experimente, im Bereich der Ultrahochvakuumtechnik und Oberflächenphysik.

Sie haben eine Berufslehre mit eidgenössischem Fähigkeitszeugnis EFZ abgeschlossen (vergl. Physiklaborant/in, Konstrukteur/in oder Polymechaniker/in)? Wenn Sie sich in Richtung Engineering weiterentwickeln möchten oder bereits die entsprechende Erfahrung mitbringen, bieten wir Ihnen interessante Aufgabenstellung.

Physiklaborant/in, Konstrukteur/in oder Polymechaniker/in

PBN Heater Assembly with Receiver for Flag Style Plates


A 50W pyrolitic boron nitride heater in combination with a molybdenum receiver for flag style plates provides a reliable solution for sample annealing. A K-type thermocouple is mounted on the sample receiver.

HSOMPBN50 heaters can be implemented in fully configured heating stages including flange assembly with electrical feedthroughs. The HSOMPBN50 is also used in BOOMERAX manipulators and can be easily adapted to practically any commercially available XYZ manipulator.

Receiver for Flag Style Sample Plates with integrated PBN Heater

  • Power: 100W (24V, 4.2A ~1000°C)
  • Maximum temperature approx. 1000°C
  • Thermocouple: Type K (chromel/alumel)
  • Fully UHV compatible materials
  • Power supply not included

Open Product Description

Motion & Manipulation


Particularly designed for delicate and precise manipulations.

Cryo UHV Suitcase

Accessories Single Shaft Wobblesicks

Linear & Rotary Feedthroughs

Handy, compact sample transporters for short and intermediate linear travel ranges.


Accessories for Linear & Rotary Feedthroughs

Sample Transporters

For long travel distance and heavier loads, e.g. transport samples in between UHV-chambers.

Mini UHV Suitcase

Accessories for Sample Transporters


"Last time we ordered from Ferrovac, we were positively impressed with the quality of your products. I do believe your products are among the best on the market."

Alexei Preobrajenski, Lund University, MAX IV Laboratory

NexGeneration UHV Suitcases

Available in a variety of configurations, the NexGeneration UHV Suitcase is an ultra compact, lightweight and modularly adaptable system to keep and carry your samples under true ultra-high vacuum conditions. It is delivered under vacuum, fully baked and ready to use.

Available versions, each modularly adaptable:

Cryo UHV Suitcase

LN2-cooled VSN40S UHV Suitcase


VSN40S Compact NexGeneration UHV Suitcase

Mini UHV Suitcase

VSN40M Mini NexGeneration UHV Suitcase






"We've been quite impressed with the build quality and design of everything. The suitcase works great. I'm used to living in fear of dropping samples in UHV but the design of the suitcase, manipulators and sample storage make moving samples around fairly low stress. We are very satisfied customers."

J. Brandon McClimon, Carpick Lab, University of Pennsylvania

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