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Manual Linear Drive with Handwheel

Product code: DRVRM-XXXX

The DRVRM is a manually driven linear actuator and is used for especially precise manipulation. It's high precision spindle drive coupled to the outer magnet controls linear motion. The continuous rotation of the shaft can be locked/unlocked with a locking screw. The braced linear unit ensures unchanging alignment of all components and consistent positioning.

Both our RM and GMD sample transporters can be equipped with the DRVRM option.
For retrofitment to your sample transporter, please contact us.

Pictured below: RM40-DRVRM
RM40 sample transporter DN40CF with slide bearings and DRVRM manual linear drive with handwheel

Specifications: Manual Linear Drive with Handwheel

length X <= 800mm

  • linear drive spindle pitch: 3mm (others on request)
  • handwheel, with precision scale option available
  • 1mm scale ruler option available
  • bakeout temperature: 200 °C max.

download drawing
download STEP file (3D)

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