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Discontinued: Evaporation Source for Thin Film Deposition

Product code: EV40FC

Evaporators are no longer in our active range of poroducts. Spare parts are stil available. Please contact us in case you have specific requirements regarding EV40 evaporators.

EV40: Evaporator for Ultra Clean Thin Film Deposition
A rugged, versatile evaporator for a wide range of materials such as Ag, Au, Al, Ni, Co, Fe and many more. The evaporant is either placed into a tungsten crucible or the material can be directly evaporated from a rod. A removable front lid allows easy access to the crucible which can be pulled out for replacement by releasing one single screw. The filling volume of the crucible is up to 500mm3. The water cooled housing ensures ultra-clean film growth at base pressures in the lower 10E-10 mbar range. The EV40 is equipped with a manually actuated shutter.

EV40FC basic configuration includes

  • CABEVFC (7MS6MF1) MS-Cable for Evaporator, L=6m, SHV connector for HV, 4x 4mm safety banana plugs
  • 1 Tungsten crucible
  • tube fittings for 6mm tube for water cooling

The evaporator is completely mounted including rotary feedthrough for shutter activation.

EV40 evaporators can be powered by standard laboratory power supplies:

  • High voltage supply DC 0-1000V, Power: 100-200W, depending on evaporant.
  • Low voltage supply DC 0-24V 0-5A

Specifications: Discontinued: Evaporation Source for Thin Film Deposition

  • mounting flange DN40CF, required tube ID=36mm
  • distance flange face to front end = 175mm
  • water connections G1/8 with 6mm tube fittings
  • max. bakeout temperatuere 200°C
  • completely mounted including W-crucible
  • incl. rotary and electrical feedthrough
  • incl. CABEVFC(7MS6MF1) MS-Cable for Evaporator, L=6m

Downloads: datasheet (pdf)  /  drawing 1 (pdf)  /  drawing 2 (pdf)  /  EV40 manual (pdf)


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