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Evaporation Source with In Situ Exchangeable Crucible

Product code: EVEX40

A rugged, versatile evaporator for a wide range of materials such as Ag, Au, Al, Ni, Co, Fe etc. and also organic material like Pyrphyrin.

The evaporant is placed into a tungsten crucible which is mounted onto an SHOM flag style samle plate (SHOMEVCRW) that is quickly exchangeable in-situ.

A swivable front lid allows easy access to the SHOME plate which can be pulled out for replacement using a wobblestick or similar manipulator.

The filling volume of the crucible is up to 186mm3. The water cooled housing ensures ultra-clean film growth at base pressures in the lower 10E-10 mbar range.

The EVEX40 is equipped with a manually actuated shutter. Also a thermo coupler type C is included.

Keep multiple crucibles for different materials inside your system and easily exchange them using a wobblestick with pincer grip, as illustrated below:


Specifications: Evaporation Source with In Situ Exchangeable Crucible

  • mounting flange DN40CF, required tube ID=36mm
  • distance flange face to front end = 185mm
  • water connections G1/8 with 6mm tube fittings
  • max. bakeout temperature 200°C
  • completely mounted incl. 1x quick exchange W-crucible on SHOM plate (SHOMEVCRW)
  • incl. rotary and electrical feedthrough (MS-Type 12kV HV-feedthrough)
  • incl. CABEEVEX40(7MS6MF1) MS-Cable for Evaporation Source with exchangeable crucible, L=6m, Filament 1+ 2, Thermocouple 1
  • serto brass fittings for 6mm tube
  • all vacuum side electrical connections with push-pull crimp contacts
  • HV supply DC 0-1000V pos. 200mA (not included)
  • low voltage supply DC 0-24V 0-5A (not included)

download datasheet (under construction)

download Drawing EVEX40

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