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Battery Powered Ion Pump Controller V3 R0

Product code: LSA3.0

The LSA3 is a battery powered ion pump controller with advanced features compared to the LSA2. It displays the pressure directly in mbar and has an integrated alarm for low battery (high temperature). A built-in temperature measurement and display for a Pt100 sensor within -200°C to room temperature makes it suitable for our LN2-cooled option of the VSN40S (see Cryo Version).  It also enables battery driven operation for a period of approximately 40h, powered by a NiMh rechargeable battery.

The LSA3 controller is designed to operate the following types of ion pumps:

  • Diode ion pumps (requires positive output polarity)

Specifications: Battery Powered Ion Pump Controller V3 R0

  • output voltage: + 5.5 kV DC
  • output connector: Huber&Suhner SHV
  • power supply and integrated battery
  • weight: 1.2 kg
  • alarm for low battery (high temperature)


  • pressure in mbar
  • optionally: temperature, in °C (K on request)

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