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Straight Pincer RM for SHOM plates and swiss stubs

Product code: PGRMS(SWOMH)

This pincer grip fits to all RMJ, RMD, RMJG and RMDG dual shaft sample transporters. Omicron or SPECS type sample carriers can be transferred over large distances. The opening/closing of the pincer is done with approximately a quarter turn of the outer magnet assembly of the sample transporter. For linear transfer motion and for all sample transporters, we recommend the PGRMS(OMH)-version: The sample plates are held with a clearance of +/-2° horizontal and vertical

Specifications: Straight Pincer RM for SHOM plates and swiss stubs

adds 45.0mm to dimension Y of the main product

  • for use with RMJ, RMD, RMJG and RMDG sample transporters
  • both jaws open symmetrically
  • fully UHV compatible materials
  • compatible with Omicron and SPECS style sample holders.
  • compatible with swiss stubs
  • degree of freedom sample plate: +/-2° horizontal and vertical

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