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Dual Shaft Wafer Transporter with vertical lift


The shown configuration is a typical application in semiconductor industry. While the linear motion of the magnet transmits the axial movement, the rotary motion elevates and lowers the wafer. The FRKLIFT is only one of several possible interfaces. It features four M4 threads to fix a customer specific wafer support, for diameters up to 300mm. Feel free to request a customized interface tailored to your needs.

Order code standard length
  • 300mm travel: RMD40-0300-0215-FRKLIFT
  • 500mm travel: RMD40-0500-0215-FRKLIFT
  • 750mm travel: RMD40-0750-0215-FRKLIFT
  • 1000mm travel: RMD40-1000-0215-FRKLIFT

Order code customized version:
XXX: linear travel in millimeters
YYY: retracted length, flange face to end of the elevator in millimeters (min. 215mm)


Specifications: Dual Shaft Wafer Transporter with vertical lift

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