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Hollow Shaft Sample Transporter DN40CF

Product code: RMHS40-XXXX-YYYY

Based on the RM40 sample transporter, it's tubular shaft however being considerably lighter than a solid one, it also helps avoid excessive thermal conductance. It is commonly used as a manipulator for sample insertion into cryogenic SPM's but of course it's lighter hollow shaft offers advantages for other applications as well.

Whenever mounted vertically, for safety reasons it's strongly recommended to use it in combination with an IVBR in-vacuum brake, to prevent the inner shaft from suddenly dropping in case the magnetic coupling should slip from the user's grip. An optional TSRMBD belt drive can facilitate handling once the height of the system and/or length of the sample transporter make it hard to reach and manipulate.


Order code:


  • XXXX: linear travel in millimeters
  • YYYY: retracted length, flange face to end of shaft in millimeters (min. 10mm / standard 30mm)

Options and accessories:

Sample Transporter Accessories


Shown below: RMHS40-IVBR-TSRMBD, Hollow shaft sample transporter with in-vacuum brake and belt drive

Specifications: Hollow Shaft Sample Transporter DN40CF

linear travel X >= 100mm AND <= 2300mm
retracted length Y >= 20mm AND <= 200mm; standard 30mm

  • linear travel: customized
  • retracted shaft length: customized (min. 10mm, standard 30mm, increase with IVBR option)
  • linear force: ~70N
  • torque: ~5Nm
  • bakeout temperature: 150deg C max.
  • pressure range: 1E-11mbar to 1000mbar
  • fully UHV compatible materials
  • Inner shaft tube: D=12mm (h7), wall thickness 1.5mm

Download drawing (pdf)
Download 3D model (step)



The following is a list of compatible options for RMHS40 Hollow Shaft Sample Transporter DN40CF.

List price:

on request

In-Vacuum Brake for Single or Hollow Shaft Sample Transporters D=12mm

Product code: IVBR

In-vacuum brake for RM40, RMHS40,GMD, RMJ and RMJG sample transporters.

List price:

on request

Belt Drive with Hand Wheels (Linear & Rotary) for Sample Transporters

Product code: TSRMBD

Belt drive with one hand wheel for linear and a small (precise) hand wheel for rotary motion. For easy handling of vertically mounted sample transporters RM40, RMD40 and GMD40.

List price:

215.00 CHF

197.27 EUR*
217.19 USD*

Upgrade to 200°C Bakeable Version of Single Shaft (Single Rotary) Sample Transporters

Product code: UPGRADEHB_MKRM

Upgrade from 150°C to 200°C bakeout temperature for RM40 single and RMJ dual shaft (single rotary) sample transporters.

List price:

988.00 CHF

906.51 EUR*
998.08 USD*

Grabber Tool ID 8mm for SHOM Plates

Product code: GRABSHOM

Tool for grabbing and handling SHOM flag style sample plates, using either a single shaft linear/rotary feedthrough or GMD40/RM40 sample transporter.

List price:

695.00 CHF

637.67 EUR*
702.09 USD*

Upgrade for Sample Transporters to CF50

Product code: UPGRADETU50

Tube assembly upgrade for Sample Transporters to DN50CF

List price:

8'340.00 CHF

7'652.08 EUR*
8'425.09 USD*

Motorized linear and rotary drive for RM and GMD sample transporters

Product code: DRVRMOTLR

2-axis motorized precision drive unit for RM and GMD sample transporters for automatic and reproducible extension and rotation of the shaft.

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