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Dual Shaft Wobblestick DN40CF with pincer for flag style plates and parking rail


Magnetically driven dual shaft wobblestick manipulator with installed pincer for flag style plates and parking rail.

Our most commonly used configuration of a dual shaft wobblestick. With pre installed pincer PGWMS(OM), it is the most reliable tool for manipulating flag style sample plates.

The pincer features a pocket matching the sample plate's handle. While kept in a secure grip, the sample plate is intentionally dangling loose with a standard play of +-8° in order to compensate for potential alignment errors of the sample in respect to the parking slit.

  • Standard stroke: 0100 / 0150 / 0200 / 0250 / 0300mm
  • Standard retracted length: 0090mm (including pincer)
  • Customized stroke: Specify XXXX Min. 50mm / max. 700mm
  • Customized retracted length: Specify YYYY Min. 90mm / max. 220mm

Standard Example: WMG40-PGWMS(OM)-TSWM-0100-0060 = Wobblestick Manipulator DN40CF, 100mm linear travel, retracted shaft length 60mm.

Customized Example: WM40-PGWMS(OM)-TSWM-0180-0075 = Wobblestick Manipulator DN40CF, 180mm linear travel, retracted shaft length 75mm.

Compatible options and accessories: See below..

Specifications: Dual Shaft Wobblestick DN40CF with pincer for flag style plates and parking rail

linear travel X >= 50mm AND <= 700mm
retracted length Y >= 90mm AND <= 227mm; standard 90mm

  • Angular deflection +/-20 degrees (if mounted to a wobblestick flange)
  • Linear force: 23N
  • Torque: 0.4Nm
  • bakeout temperature: 200 °C max.
  • Pressure range 1E-11mbar to 1000mbar.
  • Fully UHV compatible materials.
  • installed pincer PGWMS(OM)
  • including TSWM parking- and protecdtion rail

Downloads:  drawing (pdf)  |  3D-model (stp)  |  manuals

This product contains the following under-products:

  • 1x WMG40-XXXX-YYYY - Dual Shaft Wobblestick DN40CF linear travel not defined retracted length not defined
  • 1x PGWMS(OM) - Pincer for Flag Style Plates - for Dual Shaft Wobblestick
  • 1x TSWM-XXXX - Parking-/ Protection Rail for Wobblesticks DN40CF shaft length not defined

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