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High Precision Actuator Dual Shaft Wobblestick Wide Angle DN40CF

Product code: WMGWA40(FC)-XXXX-YYYY

Essentially identical to the normal dual shaft wobblestick, the WA-models are suitable for situations where wide angular range is important. However special care has to be taken to ensure that the welded bellows and the shaft of the wobble stick do not strike the tube or chamber walls, i.e. a very short oversize CF40 should be provided for the installation. If in doubt, please contact us for detailed information on this subject.
The fine adjuster magnetic coupling allows a precise control of the opening/closing of the pincer grips. A variety of pincers are available for almost any type of sampleholder. Please visit the Wobblestick accessories section for additional information.
Dual shaft wobblesticks wide angle are fully rotateable and allow for an angular deflection of +/-28 degrees.

Order code standard length
  • 100mm travel: WMGWA40(FC)-0100-0077
  • 150mm travel: WMGWA40(FC)-0150-0077
  • 200mm travel: WMGWA40(FC)-0200-0077
  • 250mm travel: WMGWA40(FC)-0250-0077
  • 300mm travel: WMGWA40(FC)-0300-0077

Order code customized version:
XXXX: linear travel in millimeters
YYYY: retracted length, flange face to end of shaft in millimeters (min. 77mm)
Options and accessories:


Specifications: High Precision Actuator Dual Shaft Wobblestick Wide Angle DN40CF

linear travel X >= 50mm AND <= 686mm; standard 0mm
retracted length Y >= 77mm AND <= 200mm; standard 77mm

  • angular deflection +/-28 degrees (if mounted to wobblestick flange)
  • linear force: 23N
  • torque: 0.4Nm
  • bakeout temperature: 200 °C max.
  • pressure range 1E-11mbar to 1000mbar
  • fully UHV compatible materials

download drawing (pdf)
download manual (pdf)

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