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Sample Preparation System for PEEM at Bessy II UE49 BeamlineFerrovac - UHV eXperience-11

Ferrovac AG was founded in 1996 as Ferrovac GmbH by Urs Maier and Andreas Vaterlaus as a spin-off company of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our main fields of activitiy are the design and production of components for ultra high vacuum technology as well as the development of scientific instruments for surface science and nanotechnology.

Ferrovac experts have profound knowledge of ultra high vacuum technology, experimental physics and scanning probe microscopy.

Our engineers work with most advanced 3D-CAD engineering technology. Thus Ferrovac is able to realize flexible solutions for various customer’s requests with reasonable lead time.

In the course of our long lasting business activity we set new standards for sample manipulation by the use and the perpetual advancement of magnetically coupled manipulators.

Our systems allow reliable loading, transferring and manipulating samples inside UHV multi chamber systems.

We are able to combine our concepts and components to complete, customer specified UHV-Systems or to refurbish existing experimental setups with our components.

Always based on the requests of our increasing number of customers, we endeavour to improve our products constantly and to adapt them to the changing needs.

Team Ferrovac

Urs Maier
Chief Executive Officer, Owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors

David von Gunten
Chief Operating Officer, Research Engineer, IT-Engineer


Tizoc Flores
Director's Assistant, Marketing Professional

Sales & Project

Product & Technology

Claudio Weiss
Chief Technical Officer, Systems Engineer FH

Tobias Vassalli
Mechanical Design Technician, Group leader

Janosch Büchi
CAD Engineer

Lucca-Retho Jeromin
CAD Engineer

Marc Maier
Chief Sales Officer

Cyrill Strässle
Physics Laboratory Assistant

Nicki Wehrli
Chief Administrative Officer

Tobias Hofmänner
Development Engineer

Ljiridona Asani


Max Hoffmänner
Electronics Technician

Antonina Moroz
Assembly Technician

Stephan Michels

Dave Piguet

Juan Campos dos Santos

Leo Scherrer
Electronics Engineer

Nico Schlüssel
Physics Laboratory Assistant

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