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Motorized linear and double rotary drive for RMDG sample transporters

Product code: DRVRMOTLRR

The DRVRMOTLRR is a stepper motor-driven linear and double rotary actuator. A high precision motorized spindle drive coupled to the outer magnet controls linear motion. Two further stepper motors mounted onto the sledge of the linear unit control the independent rotation of the inner and outer shaft respectively. This separate rotation of each shaft enhances operation of sample locking mechanisms and sample carrier platforms by being able to drive and also rotate them.

The sturdy linear unit ensures unchanging alignment of all components and consistent positioning.

RMDG sample transporters can be equipped with the DRVRMOTLRR option.

For retrofitment to your sample transporter, please contact us.

Please note that for bakeout the drive must be removed.

Specifications: Motorized linear and double rotary drive for RMDG sample transporters

adds 1640.0 to dimension Z of the main product


Linear Unit:

  • accuracy: ± 0,1mm / 300mm
  • toothed belt transmission for linear drive : 1:1
  • linear unit has one adjustable (front end) and one fixed end switch (rear end, 0mm)

Rotation Unit (per rotation):

  • max. rot speed: 60°/s
  • min step size: (1.8°/64)/100 ~ 0.0003°
  • worm gear transmission: 1:100
  • rotation unit have two adjustable endswitches (0°-360°)

Download Drawing PDF

Download Manual

3D-model available on request

Stepper Motor Linear Drive:

  • Voltage: 8.8VDC
  • Amps/Phase: 2.0
  • Resistance/Phase: 8.8+/-10% Ohms
  • Holding torque: 1.32 Nm
  • Step angle: 1.8°+/-5%

Download Datasheet

Stepper Motor Rotary Drives:

  • Voltage: 4.08 VDC
  • Amps/Phase: 1.2
  • Resistance/Phase: 3.4+/-15% Ohms
  • Holding torque: 0.23 Nm (without worm gear unit)
  • Step angle: 1.8°+/-5%

Download Datasheet


  • linear drive spindle pitch: 3mm

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