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Online catalogue and pricelist

Wobblestick Manipulators WM

Single Shaft

UHV Suitcase

Ultra High Vacuum (Cryo) Transfer Modules

Wobblestick Manipulators WMG

Dual Shaft

UHV Suitcase Accessories

Options & Upgrades

Pincers and Grippers

Effectors for wobblesticks

UHV Suitcase Docking Systems

FerroLoader™ Adaptations and -Extensions

Wobblestick Accessories

Parking Rails, Adapters, Service Kits..

Load Lock Systems

Fast Entry Locks

Sample Transporters

Transfer rods, single and dual shaft

NEG-ION pumps

NEXTorr® and CAPACITorr® pumps

Sample Transporter Accessories

Supports, pincers and sample carriers

Laboratory Equipment

Vacuum exsiccator cabinets and roughing pumps

Sample Transporter Motorization

Motorized Drives for up to 3 Axes

Cryo Equipment

Dewars, Cryostats and Cryo-Accessories

Linear/Rotary Feedthroughs

Miniature linear-rotary drives

Multiaxis Boomerax Manipulators

XYZR Configurations

Linear/Rotary Accessories

Tube Supports, Service Kits


Boomerax Series

Linear/Rotary Motorization

Stepper Motor Drives for up to 2 Axes

XY-Manipulators Accessories

Boomerax Series

Rotary Feedthroughs

miniature and heavy duty


Boomerax Series

Port Aligners

For angular alignment and linear adjustment

Z-Manipulator Accessories

Boomerax Series

Sample Holders

sample plates, -holders, -carriers

In-Vacuum Connectors and Wiring

crimp and push connectors, cables, wires

Sample Receivers and -Carriers

sample receivers, -drawers, -parking lots


screws, washers, nuts in Ti, Mo, Ta, CuBe...

Sample Heating Stages

For flag style plates


Dry lubricated bearings ready for use in UHV

Vacuum Chambers

Custom made UHV chamber

CF-Cubes and -Components

Cubes and Adapters
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