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Stepper Motor Kit NEMA14, max. Torque = 0.23Nm

Product code: MOTN14T0.23-XXXX

The motorization kits for Boomerax stages include high quality stepper motors from Nanotec® as well as all mechanical parts for mounting the motor to a Boomerax series XY, Z or rotation module. 

The XXXX value in mm defines the diameter of the coupling shaft. The XXXX dimension is factory configured to match the module to be mototized.

When driven in microstepping mode using an appropriate controller, positioning resolutions in the nanometer range can be achieved.

Specifications: Stepper Motor Kit NEMA14, max. Torque = 0.23Nm

Ø connecting shaft X >= 5mm AND <= 16mm

  • NEMA 14 stepper, size 35x35, length 52mm (105mm incl. adapter)
  • max torque = 0.23Nm
  • holding torque = 0.23Nm
  • full step resolution = 1.8°/step
  • non-bakeable
  • operating temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C (-14°F ~ 122°F)
  • controller not included

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The following is a list of compatible options for MOTN14T0.23 Stepper Motor Kit NEMA14, max. Torque = 0.23Nm.

List price:

100.58 CHF

96.44 EUR*
108.74 USD*

Incremental Encoder for direct Motor Mounting

Product code: UPGRADEMOT5(+ENCIN4000)

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