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Parking Stack for Flag Style Plates


Designed for storage and transfer purpose, the stack can be configured for carrying multiple SHOM flag style plates.

The minimum spacing allows for a sample height of 2mm. Additional spacers for higher samples can be specified in +1mm increments.

Maximum sample height is <1.8mm + yy height of the inserted spacer in millimeters.

Order Code Explanation:


xx: number of slots
H: Separator to indicate height of inserted spacer
yy: height of additional spacer in mm
S: irrelevant, no meaning

K: options: L = labelled /  H = hanging


Configuration Examples:
  • RECOMSTACK (02H00S): 2 Slots with a minimum spacing of 2mm
  • RECOMSTACK(06H04S): 6 slots with a spacing of 6mm
  • RECOMSTACK(03H00S02H04S): 3 slots with 2mm spacing + 2 slots of 6mm spacing
  • RECOMSTACK(03H00S02H04S01H10S): 3 slots with 2mm spacing + 2 slots of 6mm spacing + 1 slot of 12mm spacing
  • RECOMSTACK(06H04S)HL: 6 slots with a spacing of 6mm, hanging from a vertical manipulator, labelled with numbers


Specifications: Parking Stack for Flag Style Plates

Parking lot for Flag Style Plates

  • material: stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4310, Ruby spheres
  • fully UHV compatible

download drawing in pdf format

Possibly an end-user certificate (EUC) is required from purchaser.
Export licence from the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) or Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) may be required

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