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In-Vacuum Brake for Single Shaft Sample Transporters

Product code: IVBR

The IVBR in-vacuum brake adds an important safety measure to vertically mounted sample transporters. It applies controlled friction to the shaft of the sample transporter, in case the magnetic coupling and hence the shaft should slip and suddenly drop.

The in-vacuum brake is adjusted via four screws, setting how strongly the inner shaft is held.


Shown below: RMHS40-IVBR, Hollow shaft sample transporter with in-vacuum brake

Specifications: In-Vacuum Brake for Single Shaft Sample Transporters

  • compatible with RM40, RMHS40 and GMD sample transporters
  • for shaft diameter 12mm
  • adjustable holding strength
  • fully UHV compatible materials
  • min. necessary retracted length: min. Y + 32mm

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